Contacts - Import (CSV)

Have contacts you'd like to import from another system? You can import them into DaknoAdmin. We support importing CSV files with or without headers.

Get Started

  1. Log into your DaknoAdmin account
  2. Under Interaction > Contacts & Forms, select Contacts
  3. On the top bar, select Import CSV.

Uploading your CSV

  1. Prepare your file if it's still in a format like XLS. Many programs allow you to export the content into a CSV. We only support CSV import.
  2. Press Choose File and navigate to where your CSV was saved.
  3. Press Upload.

Tips to prepare your CSV

  • If you are on a Mac, export your file as CSV for Windows.
  • We recommend any notes or any other field that may have commas in it have quotes placed around it. This helps prevent the file from being incorrectly imported.
    • Example: Betty is looking for a house that has a fence, pool, and a deck.
    • If the above example is not quoted, since you're creating a comma separated file, the importer will think there are three fields: "Betty is looking for a house that has a fence", "pool" and "and a deck.". Quotes help prevent that.
  • Sometimes even after doing everything right the CSV still doesn't work. Please contact us, we'll help get it saved right so you can import your contacts.
  • The data that can be imported is:
    • Title
    • Full Name
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Suffix
    • Email
    • Home Phone
    • Work Phone
    • Mobile Phone
    • Address
    • Address Line 2
    • City
    • State
    • Zip

Prep Data After Upload

Your data will be presented to you in two columns. The first column, Contact Field, presents the Contact Personal Information fields in a dropdown. The second column contains examples of your data. If your CSV contains headers, we attempt to match these fields as best we can. Be sure to make sure the items are properly matched.

  1. For each item in the right column, select the corresponding Personal Information field on the left side. *If your CSV has a header row, some fields may be pre-matched.
  2. Navigate through a few contacts to make sure your data is accurate, and matched correctly to our contact fields.
  3. If your CSV has a header row, be sure to check the box next to When importing, ignore the first row.
  4. Select Import to import your contacts. They will appear in your contact list with a tag of the date they were imported to easily select them. You can remove this tag.


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