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Available With:
  • DaknoAdmin
  • DaknoLegacy

Contact Reminders can be used to help you manage your contacts by sending out notifications based on specific filters.

You can access Contact Reminders under Led Manager > Contact Reminders.

Adding Contact Reminders

  1. Click the Add button on the DakBar.
  2. Select a recipient. The recipient is who will receive an email notification reminder for contacts that meet the criteria. The recipient list is built from the users on the site. You can add any number of recipients. Additionally, you can simply select Assigned User and it will notify the contact's assignee.
  3. Provide a reminder name to help you easily identify it.

Setting the Reminder Criteria

You have 4 options to choose from to trigger your contact reminder.

  • Since Modified
    • Select from Days or Hours and indicate how many.
    • We recommend Days so you receive at most 1 email per day.
  • Tagged With
    • If you are utilizing tags, select tags you'd like to check for on these contacts. 
  • Not Tagged With
    • Similar to tagged with, if you want to search for absence of a tag for your reminder utilize this criteria option.
  • Is Not Assigned
  • Status
    • Select what status to base your reminder on.

Once you have your criteria set, flip the Off switch to On. In order to not overwhelm you if you have a lot of contacts, we check to see how many contacts the criteria will trigger. If it is more than 25, the criteria is turned off and we ask you to narrow your criteria. The number of contacts that will trigger this reminder is indicated at the top in this case.

Contact Reminder List

A list of all your contact reminders can be found at Interaction > Contacts & Forms > Contact Reminders. This list will display the name, recipients, Active status, as well as when the reminder was last sent.

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