Customize Search Pages

We provide several search types for your visitors to choose from depending on what board you are in. They can include City, County, Address/Zip, School, MLS Number, and more. You can customize your content on each of these pages.

To customize these pages, you'll add a special page in your DaknoAdmin Content Manager

  • City: mlst-search-city.php
  • County: mlst-search-county.php
  • MLS Number: mlst-search-num.php
  • Address/Zip: mlst-search-zip.php
  • School: mlst-search-school.php
  • Subdivision: mlst-search-subdivision.php
  • Condo: mlst-search-condo.php
  • Area: mlst-search-area.php
  • Landing: mlst-search-landing.php

When you enter the appropriate page URL, add [MLS_BODY] to the Page Content. This shortcode tells your IDX solution where to put the search. You can also add custom content above or below this shortcode, as well as customizing the other fields. Once you are satisfied with your changes and have saved, be sure to clear your IDX cache to see the changes on your live site.

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