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Within the Settings Menu you can control your Mobile Site Status. We offer three options:

  • Off (disabled)
  • On (Phones & Tablets) - Both Phones and Tablets will show the mobile version.
  • On (Phones) - Phones will show the mobile version, but Tablets will show the regular site.

If the status is set to either "On" option, you will be able to adjust your colors, logo, and footer information via the Design Menu.

The mobile site, by default is very simple. It will have all your entered content (depending on shortcodes) that is present on your desktop site, minus the main design. Additionally it has a special bar at the top that displays two contact buttons - phone and email. These values are pulled from your primary person. You can adjust your primary person at any time by clicking the circle under Make Primary.

Switching Between Desktop and Mobile Versions

By enabling the mobile site, you will have a new link on the bottom of your site that says Mobile Version or Desktop Version. Clicking these will switch to the version described in the link.

Advanced Options in the Design Menu

In addition to setting up your branding and colors, you can also make quick customizations to your mobile site.

You can optionally show a dropdown of all your condos, neighborhoods, and/or areas on your index page. These will stack above your content allowing visitors to quickly visit one of these pages. 

Additionally, you can set a body or header font family stack, or add your own CSS.

If you have a responsive site with us, some fields no longer apply in the mobile version. Additionally the Primary user information is not shown by default.

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