Manage Your Search Lists (city, county, etc.)

You can manage your city, county, area, condo, and subdivision search (if applicable to your board) within DaknoAdmin.

Customizing Your City List

  1. Login to DaknoAdmin
  2. Click Manage Cities under DaknoIDX >
  3. Select the checkbox next to each city you'd like to include in your search
  4. Click Save

The selected cities list will update and show you the cities you've selected. 

  • To remove cities, uncheck the box next to the city under Select Cities.
  • To add cities, check the box next to the city under Select Cities.
  • You can also select or deselect all by clicking the corresponding text at the top of the city list.

Keep in mind the city list is unique per property class. We recommend going through each class and paring them down to match.

Customizing Other Lists

To customize other available lists, follow the same steps as City, but click the corresponding Manage Search Type to modify the values.

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