Search Landing Page

The search landing page is a special page that includes:

  • A Quick Search
  • Three links to direct users to search by MLS#, Advanced Search, and their property organizer
  • A section for up to 5 saved searches under the header "Popular Searches"
  • Two sections for 2 featured searches

Example Search Landing Page (smallest width)

Prior to working on this page, you'll want to create some site searches.

Adding Featured Searches

Paste the Search Name from your Site Searches list into either of the Featured Search Snapshot textboxes. If there are properties in these searches, they'll display up to the latest 5 properties that match the criteria.

If you'd like to show your agent or office listings in either of these featured searches, let us know. Currently we'll need to set this option up for you. Agent listings will appear on the left and office listings will appear on the right. They can be overwritten by filling in the Featured Search Snapshot textbox.

Search landing setup page.

Adding Popular Searches

You can add up to 5 site searches. These will be linked to the results page for each search. To add site searches to this list:

  1. Copy the Search Name from the Site Searches list
  2. Paste the Search Name into the textarea next to Popular Searches
  3. To add another search, separate the search name with a comma

Make this your default search page

By default, we make the default search City (or equivalent if city is not relevant in your board). If you'd like visitors to be taken to the search-landing.php page when they visit your search URL with no page defined, just contact us.

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