Registration Options

You have 3 basic options for registration:

  1. General Registration: This does not require visitors to sign up. The property organizer is available for when they're ready to save a property or search.
  2. Forced Registration: This option forces a visitor to register after viewing a certain number of properties (0-10).
  3. Suggested Registration: This option pops up a request to register, but the box can be dismissed. This can be set to nag after a certain number of properties has been viewed (0-10).

You can also combine Forced and Suggested registration. For example, you can set forced registration at 10 properties, but suggest signing up after 5 properties.

Setting Options

To set up these options, visit DaknoIDX > > Registration.

At the top of the Registration Edit page, you can see, at a glance, what registration you currently have enabled.

You can set up the Title on the modal box, as well as the sign-up text on the button.

Additionally, each registration type allows you to set up a custom message. This option is shown for Forced or Suggested once they are enabled.

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