Property Organizer Accounts

Under DaknoIDX > > Property Organizer you'll find a list of all the visitors that have signed up for a property organizer account. You can access each account and see what properties and searches they've saved, as well as their most recent searches.

At the top of each user's organizer manage page in DaknoAdmin there is a link called "Login As This User". This will log you into their property organizer account and allow you to add properties or other searches that they may be interested in.

If you are in the contact manager and the contact has filled out the Property Organizer Signup, you can also access their organizer manage page by clicking on the link in the activity feed.

Available Information for Each Organizer Account

Viewing a visitor's property organizer account in DaknoAdmin will provide you with an insight into their activity. You are able to see:

  • Saved Searches
  • Saved Properties - for properties that may no longer be available we do provide the MLS# so you can manually look it up if needed.
  • Recent Activity
  • Their name and email address

Recent Activity Feed

The recent activity feed will show you the last 5 properties the visitor looked at, as well as the last 5 searches they conducted. This will help you get a better idea of what they may be interested in that may not be reflected in their saved searches and properties.

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