Save and Manage Searches in the Property Organizer

There are two ways to save a search while on your search site.

  1. As options are being selected on the search page, instead of clicking Search one can instead click Save this Search which will save the search in their property organizer or prompt the user to create an account or login. Once a search is saved in this manner, the results page will then show.
  2. After a search has been conducted, one can also save the search from the results page. Save This Search will appear at the top of the results. It will be removed once the search has been saved and will remain hidden until a new search is conducted.

Saving a Site Search

After a site search is created, one of the link options is called Save. This option allows you to share searches on your website or with clients, allowing them to save the search directly into their property organizer.

Managing Property Organizer Searches

Property Organizer searches can be edited by clicking the Edit Search button on the Organizer Manager page. Once the options are edited, clicking Apply will save the updates in the search that was edited.

Searches can also be deleted as needed.

Features of Property Organizer Saved Searches

Each property organizer search search offers the option to send email alerts when new properties match the criteria of the search. These emails offer an easy way to unsubscribe.

Additionally, each search provides a saved search link so the user can share their saved search with others.

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