Using DaknoIDX on a site not hosted with Dakno

Note: We are no longer offering this solution to new clients. This help document is intended for existing DaknoIDX clients who are subscribed to DaknoIDX as a standalone product.

Create a new content page on your website

Our DaknoIDX system uses an advanced way to dynamically "fetch" your design ensuring your IDX search matches the look and feel of your current site or blog. This saves you the trouble of having to worry about HTML code, wrappers, etc. But in order to fetch your design's look and feel, you will need to setup a fetch page on your site. Don't worry it's easier than it sounds. You simply need to login to your control panel (such as WordPress Admin Panel or whatever control panel you use to create new pages) and add a new content page. In the body or content area of this new page, add a "marker" so we know where to include the home search. To do this, simply add [DAKNO_BODY] exactly as written. You can visit this link for an example of a correctly setup "fetch" page. For best results, follow these few tips:

  • Fetch pages should have the same design as a standard content page on your website or blog.
  • Fetch pages should not be available from your menu. This page is only used by our system to grab your design. As a result, you don't want site visitors going to this page since it will not have any content on the page.
  • Fetch pages should never be renamed or deleted. It will need to be active as long as you use DaknoIDX.
  • Our DaknoIDX solution is 500px wide so ensure the "content area" of the fetch page is at least 500px in width. 
  • Don't place text on the page like "Dakno Search" or "Search Page" the text will show on your search site, so add relevant content.

After you have created the fetch page, please send your account manager the link to the fetch page. We will need this to complete the setup process.

Setup 2 3rd Level Domains

You'll need to setup two subdomains to use our system. One will house DaknoAdmin, and the other, your IDX solution. Your account manager will work with you to set these up.

Finalizing and Setting up your Search

Once your page has the shortcode and your subdomains are setup, your account manager will get you started on the next steps.

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