Embed a Google Map

Google offers a quick and easy way to embed a map into your DaknoAdmin website. To integrate a simple map:

  1. Visit
  2. Type in the location you'd like to map and click Search.
  3. Click the gear in the lower right hand corner of the page.
  4. Select Share or Embed Map
  5. Click Embed map
  6. Select the size of map you want. Your choices are
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large
    • Custom
      • Selecting custom allows you to state how large you want your map to be. If the other sizes don't work for you, you can select this one and make adjustments.
  7. Once your size is set, copy the code in the input box (starts with <iframe)

Once you have the code, you'll need to paste it into the relevant content page.

  1. Log into DaknoAdmin
  2. Navigate to the content page you'd like to add the map to. This can be in any module - content, area, property, etc.
  3. Scroll to the WYSIWYG editor you'd like the map to appear on, some modules have multiple WYSIWYG editors, so be sure to pick the one you need.
  4. Click the icon that looks like < > on the editor, this pulls up the HTML view.
  5. Paste the code you copied in the previous set of steps where you'd like the map to appear.
  6. Click OK
  7. Click Save, your map should now appear on your page.
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