Emerald Coast Association of Realtors MLS

Available With:
  • DaknoIDX

ECAR Sign-up Process

Before adding an IDX search on their site, each Agent must have their Broker email: to request a data feed (include the name and contact information of the developer, your name and Agent ID (if this is not for a company web site), and the type of feed the developer prefers).

Want to Learn More about Dakno Providing Your ECAR IDX?

Interested in adding a search engine friendly IDX search to your website? Learn about ECAR solutions provided by Dakno by visiting our ECAR IDX page.

What are the ECAR Compliance Requirements?

ECAR requires that all IDX participants adhere to a specific set of rules and regulations. Below is an overview of these requirements. Don't worry, we're very familiar in compliance requirements and will help ensure your website meets these standards. Please note that this is simply an overview. For official documents, please contact ECAR directly.

ECAR Rules and Regulations can be found here: ECAR_MLS_Rules.pdf

ECAR Disclosures, Documents and Information

The following documents are for reference only.

Dakno Staff IDX Documentation (for internal use only)

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