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Signup Process (overview)

Before we can fully implement your new IDX search, you will need to complete the online paperwork through Triangle MLS.

To do this, follow these instructions below.

  1. Go to: and click "Online Signup" found in the “Agents/Non-Principal Brokers” section.
  2. Enter your website information and choose "Dakno Marketing" as the vendor and click save changes.
  3. Notify us that you have completed the Online Signup.

If you do not see Dakno Marketing as a vendor choice, you will need to contact your Broker in Charge about adding Dakno Marketing as a vendor choice for your firm.

There are no additional direct or passthrough fees for TMLS

Detailed Triangle MLS Sign-up Instructions

The Triangle MLS has a specific process each new client must complete before adding an IDX search on their site. The instructions below detail this process.

Sign up Authorization Processing

Dakno is an approved IDX vendor for TMLS data. New clients can go through the approval process online at  If for any reason the instructions are unclear, do not hesitate to contact TMLS for help. Unfortunately, we do not have access to agent and broker only pages of the TriangleMLS setup site. As a result, it is best to contact TMLS directly with questions regarding the setup.

Agent Clients

Dakno might not be available as a choice for all agents. To find out if Dakno is available, go to the sign-up section of Dakno will have to be approved by the your broker if it is not there. IDX vendors are selected by the firm in the broker's Internet Data Preferences page.

If Dakno is available to the agent as a vendor choice:

To see if Dakno is available as a vendor, go to the TMLS Internet Data Preferences Setup page and click “Online Signup.” This should be found in the “Agents/Non-Principal Brokers” section. Using either “Choose Agent Preferences” or “Online Signup,” the client can choose Dakno Marketing to add the IDX website. Submit and save the change before logging out.

Reference this screenshot for more information.

If Dakno is NOT available to the agent as a vendor choice:

The agent's principal broker will need to make the following changes to add Dakno Marketing as a vendor: Login to the broker section of the TMLS setup and “Check All” or check agent names individually (details can be found in the Broker/Office Clients section). When this is done, agents can go back to the preceding step.

Reference this screenshot for more information.

Broker / Office Clients

The broker can complete the authorization process by going to the TMLS Internet Data Preferences Setup page.


To login, click the "Vendors" link found below "Principal Brokers-In-Charge". Then select Dakno as a vendor by checking the box next to Dakno Marketing.  Make sure to continue/save before moving on.


From there, go to the "Firm Choices for Firm's Agents" link. Click the “Dakno Marketing" vendor link. "Indicate how each vendor may be used by your firm and/or agents" will then appear. Choose “Check All” to let all agents access Dakno or simply choose "Firm/Office Site". Then save/submit this page.


To add a new site or associate one that already exists with Dakno, go to the "Websites" section of the main TMLS Setup page. Add a new website or use the existing website entry in order and select Dakno Marketing as the vendor for that website. This must be done so the choice can go to our approval section.


After completing, make sure to save all selections. To ensure all changes were saved, it's recommended to log out and log back in.

Important Information about the Approval Process

We do not receive a notification from The TMLS Internet Data Preferences System when we have been selected. It can take 24 hours for Dakno to appear as an approved member after you have chosen us using the TMLS setup preferences system.

Please let us know when you have completed these steps in the TMLS system. We will then be able to finalize the approval.

Want to Learn More about Dakno Providing Your Triangle MLS IDX?

Interested in adding a search engine friendly IDX search to your website? Learn about TMLS solutions provided by Dakno by visiting our Triangle MLS IDX page.

What are the TMLS Compliance Requirements?

The Triangle MLS requires that all IDX participants adhere to a specific set of rules and regulations. Below is an overview of these requirements. Don't worry, we're very familiar in compliance requirements and will help ensure your website meets these standards. Please note that this is simply an overview. For official documents, please contact TMLS directly.


  1. Register again for the IDX Service with Dakno by going to the "Internet Data Preferences" page if you have changed firms.
  2. The name of the brokerage firm should be easy to see on your IDX website.
  3. You can “co-brand” your website as an agent, if approved for IDX. Your website must contain the firm's branding.
  4. The authorized MLS member controls any website that publishes any IDX listing information.
  5. Affiliates of IDX brokers can use IDX information on their websites as long as they are given the broker's permission and it does not violate state law.
  6. Brand your website with the brokerage firm and MLS member's information to show and use IDX.
  7. Reveal on your website if you are showing custom listings only, instead of all IDX listings.
  8. If authorized, you can show the MLS Compilation to possible buyers in tangent with their efforts to find able buyers for the real estate found in the MLS Compilation.
  9. Do NOT use IDX information outside of your member's licensure or certification. Information is only for the use of brokers and affiliated agents.
  10. Do NOT distribute any part of IDX listing database information unless allowed by MLS regulation. You can NOT sell or distribute information to any other brokerage firms.
  11. See Article 12 of the Code of Ethics of the local jurisdiction of the local association for rules concerning company names and website addresses.
  12. Change your website within 48 hours (business days) of the notification, if found in violation of the MLS rules.
  13. Notify Dakno if your website shows IDX information. We must disclose this information to MLS.
  14. The listing firm's name should be placed on all printed material and below the photo slots of complete listing information.
  15. Follow all real estate information with TMLS disclaimer language and a copyright notice.
  16. Do NOT change another member's listing data 

TMLS Disclosures, Documents and Information

For official documents, please contact TMLS directly.

Dakno Staff IDX Documentation (internal use only)


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