Each contact has a page set up for them as soon as they fill out any form on your site. You can visit this page via Lead Manager> Contacts. This page is divided into tabs with various functions:

  • Overview
    • View, Add,  or Edit the contact's personal information
    • Manage your site's agent Access or Assignments
    • Set the contact's status
    • If applicable, view DaknoIDX integration
  • Activity
    • Records a timeline of interactions that the contact had with your website, updates from agents, email marketing information, etc.
  • Email Marketing
  • Tags
  • Calendar
  • ToDos

There are a few functions you can utilize regardless of which tab you are looking:

Personal Information

The personal information is automatically filled in based on the form that the contact initially filled out on your website, or by an agent manually entering in their information. This information can be further filled in by an agent, or additional information they provide through additional forms they may fill out. 

Access & Assignments

Each contact can be assigned to a single agent. Additionally, you can allow other agents to have access to that client. This is useful if you set up permissions so agents can only see those they are assigned to or have access to. The access portion is not as necessary if your agents have access to all contacts by default.

Activity Feed

The activity feed allows you to view all the activity that has been recorded for the current contact. You can quickly view the activity by Sent Email, Scheduled Emails, Form Submissions, and Notes. The sent and scheduled emails correspond to Email Marketing. Form Submissions are the contact's direct interaction with your website. You can view the form submission in page by clicking the Show button. Clicking on the form itself will take you to the form submission page. Notes can be added manually on the contact's page, or by using our Email to Notes feature.

Email Marketing

This section allows you to see the contact's current email marketing status, as well as what campaigns they are subscribed or unsubscribed to. A contact's email marketing status can be:

  • Whitelisted - You can add the contact to any email marketing campaign, they will not receive an opt-in email when added to new campaigns.
  • Unverified - You can add the contact to any email marketing campaign, they will receive an opt-in email when added to new campaigns.
  • Blacklisted - You cannot add the contact to any email marketing campaigns.

-> Learn more about managing a contacts Email Marketing settings.

Calendar and ToDos

Here calendar and todo entries can be set-up and viewed. Learn more about Contact Tasks.

Add Notes

You can add notes directly on the contact's page. Any notes added here or with the Email to Notes feature, will appear in the activity feed with the agent's name or email if no display name is available for the agent.

Email Contact

On the DakBar at the top of the page, you can quickly email a contact if your email client of choice is connected to your browser. This link will attempt to insert your email to notes address into the BCC field.

-> Learn more about the email-to-notes feature

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