Contacts: Interaction Information (Dates)

On the contact information pages and list page, we present 4 interaction dates:

  • Create
  • Last Visit
  • Last Engagement

Example of dates associated with a contact on their info page.

These dates help you manage your contacts, they work best when you use all the features of our Contact module.


This date never changes once set. It is when the contact was initially created so you have a place to start for historical purposes.

Last Engagement

This tells you when the last time an agent actively interacted with a contact either via a response (email to notes), or passively through an email marketing campaign.

Last Visit

The last interaction is updated when a contact:

  • Fills out a form on your DaknoAdmin site
  • Creates a property organizer account on your DaknoAdmin search
  • Saves properties or searches on your DaknoAdmin search
  • Form fills or interactions on third party sites, if set up (eg. IDX Broker Platinum, Zillow, Trulia, etc.)



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