Contacts: Bulk Manage

You can see the list of your contacts by visiting your Contact List under Contacts & Forms. Here you'll see a quick summary of your contacts with their Name and Email (if available), Tags (if present), Modified Date, Assignment Status, and the ability to View or Delete.

You can quickly filter contacts by using the filter settings on the top to find the contact(s) you need to see. Filters include "Assigned to", "Added to Email Campaign", "Tag", "Form Submitted", and more.

Deleting Contacts

You can delete contacts individually or in bulk by checking the box next to the name(s) you'd like to remove and then using the dropdown at the bottom of the page. Deleting contacts also deletes any form submissions that are linked to the contact and are not recoverable. Be sure you mean to delete the contact!

Add Tags to Contacts

You can add tags to one or more contacts from the list screen. Select one, some, or all* of your contacts and select Add Tag to Contacts from the dropdown on the bottom of the page. You'll receive a prompt asking you what tag you'd like to add.


* To select all of your contacts, check the box on the header line, and then press the link that appears that starts with "Select all X in list".

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