Contact Automations

Contact automations can be used to automatically manage your contacts by finding contacts that meet certain criteria and make changes or send out notifications. They are run once per hour.

You can access Contact Automations under Lead Manager > Contact Automations.

Example of why you might want to use an automation:

Contact registered an account on your IDX and was automatically placed on a buyer drip campaign encouraging the contact to reach out.

Agent reaches out to contact and starts working with the contact, manually changing their status to Encourage.

Ideally you'd want to remove the contact from that drip campaign since an agent is actively working with them, but it's not as important as finding the right house for this client! You don't need to worry about it if you set up an automation to look at contacts that are on that drip campaign and are a certain status or statuses. It can then be set up to automatically unsubscribe the contact(s) from the drip campaign above since they no longer need it.

Basic settings

  1. Navigate to the leads view, and select "Contact Automations".
  2. From there, click the Add button or select an automation to modify from the list.
  3. Provide a name for the automation, this will be the fall back heading if a notify action is selected but no subject is noted.
  4. Status indicates if an automation will run or not, this may be automatically turned off if the automation will affect more than a certain number of people, or if it's criteria or action are removed by other actions on your site (eg. deleting a campaign).
  5. Partial contacts: enabling this will include all contacts, even those that you may only have a phone number or email address for.


A single condition is required to be able to run an automation. It is possible to create a set of conditions that would prevent any contacts from being found, if no contacts are found after saving that are expected, please check your conditions!

Available conditions

  • Time based conditions (days or hours)
    • Last contacted: This looks at how long the contact was last contacted
    • Last visit was within: This looks at how long ago the contact was last on your site. This is helpful if you'd like to know if someone was just visiting. A last visit within set to 1 day will return contacts that were on your site within the last 24 hours.
    • Last engagement was at least: This looks at how long ago the contact engaged with your site.
  • Assignee: Assignee is has 3 main options
    • (Assigned): Will find any contact that is assigned to someone
    • (Not Assigned): Will find any contact that is not assigned
    • Individual user account: Will find contacts assigned an individual
      • If you need to create an automation based on 2 or more individual agents and the "Assigned" option is not appropriate, please be sure to put the conditions in the "At least 1" condition list.
  • Status is:
    • This will find contacts with a specific status
  • Tag has:
    • This will find contacts that either have 1 or more tags, or a specific tag. As with assignee, if you want to search contacts that have (a tag) or (b tag) please use the "At least 1" condition list.
  • Tag is not tagged with:
    • This will find contacts that either have no tags, or do not have a specific tag.
  • Email marketing is subscribed to:
    • This will find contacts that are on a specific campaign
  • Email marketing is not subscribed to:
    • This will find contacts that are not on a specific campaign
  • Email marketing status is:
    • This will find contacts that are the specified status (eg whitelisted)
  • Form:
    • This will find contacts that filled out a specific form within the last hour (or 24 hours if it's time for a bulk/digest time)
  • Source:
    • This will find contacts that filled out a form that also recorded a source string. This field is free-form and will search for exact matches on the value (case insensitive).
      For example, entering "Google Adwords" will find instances of "Google Adwords" or "google adwords" but not "Google Adwords Local Campaign"

Meets all of the following

Setting conditions under this headline will require every condition to be met on a contact.

Meets at least 1 of the following

Setting conditions under this headline will require only 1 condition to be met. A contact may match multiples, but they will be included as long as a single condition is met.


A single action is required for an automation to run. Actions will make changes to contacts and/or notify specific people whenever the automation runs. Actions with an email (✉) symbol next to them will send out an email. All others will run in the background.

Available actions

  • ✉ Notify: Email user
    • There are three options to notify users
      • (Assigned user) this will notify the current assignee of the contact
      • (Notification user) this will notify anyone who is set up to receive notifications about contacts that are not the currently assigned user.
      • Individual user account: Will notify the selected user about all contacts that match the specific automation.
    • The email will be sent out in bulk, so the maximum number of emails of this type that one can receive in a day is 24, if contacts match throughout the day, once per automation run. Once per day all the contacts are collected and sent in bulk.
    • The email will split contacts by type of notification selected above in addition to splitting by automation:
      • "Your assigned contacts"
      • "Contacts where you are notified of changes"
      • "All matching contacts"
  • ✉ Contact change status to
    • This will change the status of any matching contact to the selected status.
    • This will also email the user currently assigned to the contact about the status change. One email will be sent that will collect all the status changes. The email will be sorted by status and be sent once per hour as contacts match the conditions.
  • ✉ Contact change assignee to
    • This will change the assignee of any matching contact regardless of current assignment
    • This will also email that new assignee about their new contacts. This will collect all new contacts in an email and be sent once per hour as contacts match the conditions.
  • Tag add
    • Adds a tag to all matching contacts
  • Tag remove
    • Removes a tag from all matching contacts
  • Email campaign add
    • This will add eligible contacts to the specified campaign. It will only add white-listed contacts, and will not generate opt-in requests. Ideally this would be combined with the email marketing status condition.
  • Email campaign remove
    • This will remove contacts from the specified campaign






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