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Contact Automations
are a great way to manage all of your contact assignments from one convenient location. In this article we'll go through how to set up a new automation to auto-assign all contacts that come in from Form Submissions.


Lead Management > Contact Automations 



  • From the Contact Automations List, click Add in the upper right-hand corner

This will bring you to the setup page for a new Contact Automation. We'll start by covering each section:

Your Automation:

Name: This is the name of the Contact Automation. Name it something relevant and easy to remember. For example: "Contact Auto-Assignments".

Status: Think of this as an On/Off switch. Not Active means the automation is turned off and not currently running. If you're still working on an automation, we'd recommend leaving it as Not Active. Once you have everything set up the way you want, set it to Active (and be sure to click Save in the upper right-hand corner!)

Partial Contacts: This setting will determine if Partial Contacts are included in the automation. For the purposes of Contact Assignments, we'd recommend leaving this set to Excluded.


This automation should automatically run:

For the purposes of Contact Assignments, we'd recommend selecting Immediately (via triggers). This will ensure that the moment a new contact comes in, they're automatically assigned to an Agent.

There are several different ways to utilize Contact Automations. The following example is only one of many possibilities. Feel free to explore the options and figure out what works best for you!

Triggered by any of the following:

  • Click Add Trigger to add an initial condition

Trigger: Form submitted: This means that the Action in the Contact Automation happens whenever someone fills out a form. The drop-down menu to the right will let you select a specific form, or all forms via the (Any form) option.

  • For this example, we'll be using the (Any form) option


Do the following...

This is the Action that will happen once the Trigger occurs.

  • Click Add Action
  • Click Assign to... from the drop-down menu

There are also several different ways to assign contacts to the agents. This is another situation in which we recommend figuring out what workflows is best for you and your fellow agents.

Not Mentioned:

There are additional Conditions that can be added to automations, such as "Meets all of the following" and "Meets any of the following". For setting up Contact Assignments, we'll be skipping these options.


Assignment Options:

A specific UsernameDisplay Name

This option means that incoming leads will be assigned to one specific agent.

  • Note: If you have multiple agents, we'd recommend using one of the other options below.

(User via Dibs)

Dibs means that upon a contact filling out a form, that contact will be Unassigned. Whoever claims that contact first will be assigned to it. If you have a, "first come, first served" workflow, Dibs is a great method to support your most responsive agents.

There's also an extra option specific to Dibs called, "Only send emails to agents with availability (set on staff edit page)." If an Agent has set up availability hours on their Staff Page and that setting is on - an Agent will be unable to claim Dibs on contacts that come in outside of their availability.

  • Example: Agent A work 8 AM - 4 PM. Agent B works 9 AM - 5 PM. If a contact fills out a form at 4:30 PM, only Agent B will receive a notification that the lead is available to claim via Dibs.

(User via Round Robin)

Round Robin is set list of agents that will have contacts assigned to them based on Order and Weight

Once the (User via Round Robin) option is selected, a new drop-down menu will appear below

  • To add an Agent to the Round Robin, select their Username or Display Name from the drop-down menu and click the Add button located to the right of the drop-down menu

The Order contacts are given is determined by the order you added Agents to the Round Robin list.

  • Example: If you added Agent A, then Agent B, and finally Agent C - then the Round Robin Order would be A, B, C. If you wanted to change the order to A, C, B, you'd need to delete Agent B, and add them again to put them after Agent C.

Weight will increase the frequency in which an Agent will get leads within a given Order.

By default, the Weight is set to 1. Having all agents with a Weight of 1 means that contacts will be assigned evenly down the list.

If you'd like certain Agents to receive contacts more frequently, you can increase their Weight.

  • Example: if Agent A has a Weight of 2, but Agents B and Agent C have a Weight of 1, then the order would be: A, B, A, C. For every 4 contacts that came in, Agent A would receive 2, and Agents B and C would receive 1.

As a general rule, unless a specific Agent has a significantly higher Weight than other agents in the Round Robin, an Agent won't be assigned two contacts in a row.


If form trigger, attempt to assign based on form source (staff page, agent subsite)

When turned on, this setting means that if a contact fills out a form on a page specific to a Staff member, the contact will be auto-assigned to that Agent, ignoring the existing rule.

  • Example: Auto-assignments are set to Round Robin, and Agent C is next in line to receive a contact. A contact goes to Agent A's page and fills out a Contact Form - so Agent A is assigned the lead.


Finishing Check List:

Once you have everything the way you want it setup, be sure that the automation's Status is set to Active 

  • Click Save in the upper right-hand corner.


If you have any further questions, please reach out to Dakno Support.

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