Testimonials: Add, Edit, Delete, and Order

All of your testimonials can be found under Site Manager > Content > Testimonial. You can visit your active testimonials by visiting

Adding and Editing Testimonials

Visitors to your site can add a testimonial on the bottom of Testimonials entered here will be accessible via the Testimonials List. They will be marked as Inactive until you are able to read through and activate the ones you prefer.

You can also manually add testimonials you have received via other methods. To add a testimonial click Add on the Testimonial List page.

All testimonials call for an Author Name and Testimonial. Manually added testimonials are also set to inactive by default.

To edit a testimonial, click on the testimonial row. You can edit the name, testimonial, and switch between active and inactive.

Ordering Testimonials

You can order testimonials by clicking on Order on the top of the Testimonial List page, or under Manage Content > Testimonials. Drag and Drop in the order you'd like them to appear and then click Save. Only currently active testimonials will appear in this list.

Deleting Testimonials

To delete testimonials, check the box on the left hand side and select Delete from the dropdown on the bottom of the list. Click Apply and confirm that you would like to permanently delete the selected testimonials.

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