Customize Agent or Office Pages

Agent and Office pages are built automatically by our system. Each page includes all the listings for a particular agent or office that you can include on your site. 

-> More information about Customizing Saved Search Pages

Adding a default agent or office content page

The default Page URL for agent pages is: mlst-agent

The default Page URL for office pages is: mlst-office

Continue setting this page up like you would any other content page, adding the Page Name, Title Tags, Meta Description, etc.

In page content, you will need to add a shortcode:


This shortcode tells your DaknoIDX search solution where to place the IDX results. This way you can add content above and/or below it, if desired.

Customizing individual agent or office pages

If you'd like custom content on your agent or office page(s), simply append -[your agent or office number] to the instructions above.

For example, if your agent ID is R12345, create a content page with the Page URL of: mlst-agent-R12345



Then you can place place [MLS_BODY] In the content of the page. Then add your content above or below the shortcode to customize your agent/office page.


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