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You have the ability to modify certain aspects of your website's design, depending on how your site was coded and what requests were made. This can range from header images, to contact info, to your sidebar.

Custom Designs will be typically designated with Custom Theme followed by a unique name to distinguish your design from other ones that you may have.

Accessing Your Design Settings

To visit your design and make modifications, navigate to Site Manager > Design > Current Design. Alternatively you can navigate to Site Manager > Design and select Edit next to the theme you'd like to edit. Your current theme will appear on the top of this list.

Once on the edit page, you can make changes to the items available to you (not all can be available). If they are not available, please contact us about making changes. 

Copying a Theme

You may want to make changes on a theme but keep your current theme settings as a backup. To copy a theme click on the Copy icon on the same line as the theme you'd like to copy. Then make edits as needed. While a theme is inactive, you can preview it by clicking the Preview button on the top of the edit page or on the list page.

To copy a standard theme into your Design List, click Select Theme under the Additional Themes header. This will add the selected standard theme to your saved themes as an inactive design.

Switching Themes

If you've copied a theme to make adjustments or simply want to switch to a new custom or prepared standard theme, click Activate under the Status heading on the Design List

Standard themes come with all websites and are available by clicking the Show Additional Themes link. You can preview these themes by clicking on Preview under the theme name.

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