Image Sizing

How Image Sizing Works

There are several ways to approach image sizing using DaknoAdmin. Our system makes sure that images keep their width-to-height ratios at all times so that they do not become skewed. Otherwise, you might find something like the image on the left:


We also attempt to prevent images from exceeding the width of the box that they are inside of. Otherwise, a large image could overflow into areas that it shouldn't, like the image on the left is doing here:


Editing Images

Basic Resizing:

To make sure that all the images are either the same height or same width, click on the image in the WYSIWYG editor and change either the height or width to match the size you want. If the group of images has different width-to-height ratios, the edited images will only fit the space up to the size desired. You may end up with something like this:


Resizing with Crop:

In order to make sure that a few images are all displayed at the same size (even if some are in portrait and some are in landscape), a resize and crop will need to be done in DaknoAdmin or the image editor of your choice. Be sure to decide on a size that you would like all the images to be before you begin. Navigate to 'Insert file' in the MoxieManager and then find and check the box next to the image that you would like to edit. Click on the 'Manage' button that appears at the top left, and then select 'Edit.'


Select 'Resize' at the top left of the side menu to resize the image. Keep the 'Constrain proportions' checkbox checked. Enter the height or width that brings one of the measurements to the proper size while keeping the other measurement larger than or equal to its proper size. For example, images that need vertical cropping should be set to the proper width. Images that need horizontal cropping should have the height set to the proper value. Once changes have been made, click 'Apply.' You may need to click the 'Zoom Fit' button at the top right to improve the view after the resize.


Once image has been resized, select 'Crop' on the left menu. Enter the exact height and width values into the boxes at the top, then drag the frame to include the part of the image that should be visible.


Apply these changes, then save the image. Be sure to save the image under a new name once prompted to that you have your original image and so that the resized one is immediately available.


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