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If your design utilizes customized content the developer may set up special options for your website. Your project manager will inform you of these options and how to use them. These are most commonly used for speciality or landing pages or temporary content.

In addition there are a few standard options that are available to everyone.

  • wide:yes; - this removes the sidebar, if present, on your design for the specified page.
  •; - This will add an iframe that is the full width of your content area (will also remove the sidebar). Be sure to remove the http:// before using this option.
  • mls_height:1000; - The default height for mls_link is 2100, change this option to increase or decrease the height in px. (example:;mls_height:1000;)

Each option should be separated by a semi-colon.

Tips for using wide:yes;

You can quickly remove the sidebar on all pages within a module (area, neighborhood, condo, staff, property) by adding wide:yes; to a specific page linked to each module. Add this option on the corresponding content page in the Content Manager. If the page noted in the left hand side does not exist exactly as written in the content module you will need to add it.

Adding wide:yes; to Removes sidebar on
area /area and all area pages entered in the Area Module
neighborhood all neighborhood pages entered in the Neighborhood Module
condo all condo pages entered in the Condo Module
staff all staff pages for people who are shown on the website
property all properties entered in the Property Module
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