IDX Ownership Feature

Dakno IDX now offers an Ownership feature. This allows you to associate your office ID and/or agent ID to your Feature Listings. 

Get Started

To set up the IDX Ownership Feature you will need to enable Domain Level Ownership by first selecting your Agent or Office codes. 

Setting Domain Ownership


  • Log into DaknoAdmin and click Manage Settings under DaknoIDX >
  • Go to the Ownership section
  • For the Ownership Type select Office Name or ID, or Agent Name or ID
    • You can add multiple options after adding your first Office/Agent codes
  • In the Search field start typing the associated name or ID. You will need to make your selection from the provided results. Please do not copy and past within this field.

How The Settings Work

Office ID - If you add an an office ID, then the board provided logo on the listings that where entered with that office ID in the MLS will be removed. 

Agent ID - If you add an agent ID, and that User's Agent IDs are filled out on their staff profile page, and they have their Agent Bio filled out, then that agent's contact information will be shown on the Listing. Agent ID will also remove the board provided logo.

Also for agent IDs, as long as the conditions above are met for Agent ID, when a contact fills out a Request More Information form on an Owned Listing then the contact will be assigned to that agent automatically, if they are not already assigned to another agent. 


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