Save and Manage Searches in the Property Organizer

Saving a search for a contact

Follow the steps to log into a user's Property Organizer Account
Here.  After selecting the filters for the search and clicking Search, click the Save Search Heart Icon, which will save the search in the contact's property organizer. If you are not logged into a Property Organizer Account you will prompted to create an account or login as a user. The user's account login is their email address.

Managing Property Organizer Searches

The user can Click the My Account Folder Icon to manage their searches when they are logged into their Property Organizer Account. This will bring the user to a page with all of their Saved Searches and Saved Properties. The user can also edit their Settings here, which includes First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. 

Property Organizer searches can be edited by clicking the Modify This Search button on the Organizer Manager page. Once the filters are edited, clicking Save will update the search that was edited, and then display the results. 

Searches can also be deleted as needed by clicking Delete in the Organizer Manager Page. 

Features of Property Organizer Saved Searches

Search Name: The saved search will automatically be assigned a generated number as the search name. This name can be modified based on user preference.
Search Information: This shows the search details used to create the search.
Send Me New Property Emails
: This allows you to manage when emails are sent out for property alerts. You have three options for this - Daily, Weekly, and Never. 
Modify This Search: By clicking this you will be brought to the modify search page where you can adjust the filters for the search. 
Delete: This will delete the search.
See Results: This will show the results of the search.

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