Migrating a Property Organizer Account into Site Searches

This is for site owners and admins that used the property organizer to save their searches for implementation on their websites.

Previously, the only option to save searches was in the property organizer for site admins. We implemented Site Searches to provide a robust option to save and implement rss, result links, save links, featured property viewers, and more. In order to help facilitate moving to the new system there is a migration option available.

  1. To migrate from your old property organizer account into your site go to DaknoIDX > Site Searches. On the top of the page click Migrate Organizer Account.
  2. Enter the email of the account to migrate. Be sure it's not a visitor account, but one that belongs to you or your office.
  3. Read through the disclaimer and check the box if you would like to proceed.
  4. Click Migrate to complete the process.

Keep the old Property Organizer account in place (don't delete it!) as we've created redirects from the old property organizer searches to the new site search.

You can find more information about managing your Site Searches here.

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