Enabling HTTPS/SSL on your site

Websites that collect private information such as email addresses and names will begin being marked as insecure in October by some browsers. We've anticipated this and have implemented a new feature to allow you to add a security certificate at no additional cost.

Enable SSL on your Website and your DaknoIDX Search Solution

If you use DaknoAdmin and can access your IDX solution via your admin panel (DaknoIDX):

To enable SSL on your website, log into your Admin panel and visit the Settings page. Under "General Site Settings" you will see Enable HTTPS. You can switch it to enabled and save. It may take up to 15 minutes to obtain and apply your security certificate. Your DaknoIDX solution will also obtain a security certificate automatically.

If you are using other third-party scripts on your site, please double check them, they may need to be updated to use https. 

Enable SSL on your Website and IDX Broker or Other IDX Solutions

If you use another IDX provider, we recommend contacting us for assistance before switching over to SSL. IDX Broker does support SSL, but it requires a little extra setup. If you switch prior to prepping your website, your quick search and other widgets may be unavailable until that preparation is complete.

If you're IDX provider is not mentioned, please contact us so we can help you determine what issues you may run into if you choose to enable SSL on your site. Some browsers will block third party scripts from rendering, which includes quick searches.

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