Localization (US or Canada) & Time Zone

Localization Options

If you are located in Canada or have clients in both the US and Canada, you can adjust your localization via the Settings Module.

The Localization dropdown has four options:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Canada/US
  • US/Canada

The localization changes certain parts of your website.

  1. If Canada or Canada/US is selected, Neighborhood will be spelled Neighbourhood.
  2. If a state dropdown is present (such as on a form), each option will display a different set in the dropdown:
    • United States - Shows just US States
    • Canada - Shows just Canadian Provinces
    • Canada/US and US/Canada will show both, in alphabetical order
  3. Locations where the Zip code is present (property module), each option will display a different label. *This does not apply to forms, they need to be manually updated.:
    • United States - Zip
    • Canada - Postal Code
    • Canada/US - Postal Code/Zip
    • US/Canada - Zip/Postal Code

Time Zone

You can also set your Time Zone so your form submissions and contact activity will be tied to your local time. You can adjust this by visiting your Settings Module. The available time zones are:

  • Eastern Time
  • Central Time
  • Mountain Time (DST and No DST)
  • Pacific Time
  • Hawaii Time (DST and No DST)
  • Alaska Time
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