Staff Profiles

Each user, regardless of level, can have a profile set-up. This is useful if you'd like your staff to have contact information available on your website through the /staff.php page but they don't need access to the website.

Get Started

  • Log into DaknoAdmin and click People under Settings
  • Click the row for the agent you want to edit

Editing a Profile

The minimum required options are:

  • Page URL - this indicates how the page will be accessed. The URL will be
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Designation - this is the official title of the staff member within the company. 
  • Direct Line - this is the staff member's phone number

The other options for each staff member are:

  • Office Phone
  • Cell Phone
  • Fax
  • RSS Feed - This can be a feed of their blog entries, their properties, or any other feed that they'd like to include. This shows 5 entries at the bottom of the staff information on their page.
  • Listings URL - This link is built automatically if there is an active property assigned to the staff member within the property module. This can be manually overridden by pasting a URL into this field.
  • Sold Listings URL - This link is built automatically if there is a sold property assigned to the staff member within the property module. This can be manually overridden by pasting a URL into this field.
  • Title Tag
  • Meta Description
  • Testimonials - You have the ability to show Assigned Testimonials. You will want to assign the testimonials in the testimonial module first. 

The Show on Website checkbox allows you to easily show or hide people on your staff page.


This feature is currently used only with the Dibs Auto-Assignment Type within the Form Manager.

To update availability for a staff member, click Add Availability. Here you can set up specific days and hours of availability. Select the day(s) and the hours of availability on those days and hit Add Availability again.

If availability is split, where a few hours in the middle of the day are not available, just add the morning hours and then add additional availability in the same way to account for the afternoon hours. There is no limit to how many availability entries can be added. Once you've added all your available times, you can click Save to finalize the additions. 

Availability can also be modified or removed by clicking the corresponding icon. You will need to click Save to finalize the changes.

Staff Photo

A photo of the staff member can be uploaded. Please upload a JPG or JPEG file that is below 4MB. We will resize this image to the appropriate width. The image shown on the individual staff pages is resized to 250 pixels wide. The height is variable and is based on the ratio of the image.

Adding or Removing Social Media Links

We provide a quick and easy way to add social media links. These will appear both on the individual staff page, and the main /staff.php page.

To add a social media link:

  1. Select the social network (eg Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).
  2. Paste the full URL of your account link in the box
  3. Press the + to add the social link. 
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 to add additional links.
  5. Save the page if you're done making changes. 

To remove a social media link click the x next to the link. Be sure to save the page to save your changes.

Full Description

The full description is what appears on the staff detail page. This WYSIWYG allows you to freely insert any information you'd like, including additional images and shortcodes.

Short Description/Excerpt

The short description or excerpt is used with the staff shortcode. This shortcode can be used in places like your design or on a contact page. If you are not utilizing this functionality you can ignore this option.

To edit a Limited User you can click Manage Account in the top right corner of the page


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