Contacts: How to Add Contacts

Automatically Added Contacts

A contact is added automatically when a form is submitted with a unique email address. The data from the form will fill in the contact's personal information as best as possible. The form data will be accessible from the contact edit page in the Activity Feed.

Forms submitted by a visitor (based on email address) already in your Contact Manager will be automatically connected. You will see the new form submission in the activity feed. Any new personal information that was previously blank, if present on the new form, will be automatically filled in. New form submissions will only overwrite empty fields, it will not modify fields that are already filled in. You can also modify the contact's personal information fields as needed.

Manually Adding Contacts

You can also manually add contacts to DaknoAdmin by navigating to Lead Manger > Contacts and clicking the "Add Contact" link on the DakBar. If a contact fills out a form later, as long as the email matches, the form will be matched to the contact you manually added. This is useful for contacts that may have contacted you directly over the phone or at your office. If an email address is added with a manually added contact, any forms they may fill out in the future will be automatically connected to this contact. If no email address is added you may need to merge the contacts.

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