Contacts: Export

Export to CSV

We offer the option to export your contacts to CSV. You can select one, some or all* of your contacts and select Export to CSV from the dropdown at the top of the page. The CSV will download to your computer.

  1.  Under Contacts, click Contact List
  2. Select the contacts by clicking the empty checkbox to the left of the contact entry
    • To select all, click the empty checkbox in the top left of the list and click "Select all # in List"
  3. Select Export to CSV from the Bulk Actions drop-down menu
  4. Click Apply

The CSV will include the contact's personal information, tags that were assigned to them, and the dates on which they were created (cDate) and last modified (mDate).

Export to External CRM

We also offer the option to export form submissions to platforms like Top Producer and iContact. Please contact us to set this up. Depending on the CRM, not all information included in the form submission may not be imported into the CRM.

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