Email Marketing: Manage Campaigns Attached to Contacts (Add and Unsubscribe)

Managing a Contact's Email Campaigns

On each contact, under the Email Marketing tab you can see what campaigns a user is currently subscribed to, campaigns they have unsubscribed from, and campaigns that are awaiting their verification.



You can remove a contact from a campaign by clicking x next to the campaign name.  

Adding a Contact to an Email Campaign

You may have had visitors prior to setting up your email campaigns that would like to receive the emails you've prepared for your campaigns. You can manually add contacts to email campaigns.

  1. From your contact list (Lead Management > Contacts), select the contact you'd like to add to an email campaign.
  2. Navigate to the Email Marketing Tab.
  3. Select the campaign(s) you would like the contact to be added to.
  4. Click Save.

The contact will receive an email letting them know you have requested that they receive emails associated with the campaign(s) you have added them to. They must verify this email. Once verified they will then receive emails related to that campaign.

Once a contact has unsubscribed from a campaign, they cannot be added to that campaign again.

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