Forms: Manage Forms

To manage a form, navigate to the Lead Management activity and click on Forms > Manager. Here you will see a list of all available forms. 

Manage a Form

To edit a form, click on the form row. This will take you to the form edit page. Here you will see lots of options to help you mange your form as well as submissions.

Email Details

This section allows you to set up the initial email information:

  • Send lead notifications to: Place the email address(es) here, comma separated, for those that will get notified of a form submission if no other requirements are met.
  • Only notify current assignee: If this box is checked, it overrides Send Lead Notifications to box if the contact is also assigned. Assigning a contact on form submission also triggers this option, if checked.
  • Subject to Admin/Staff: This will be the email subject when a notification is sent to the assignee/email(s) in the lead notification box.
  • Subject to Contact: This is the email subject of the email sent to the contact that filled out the form.
  • Auto-reply: Triggers an email. If this is unchecked no email will be sent.


You may automatically add tags to a contact when they fill out a form. For example, if they fill out a relocation form, you can tag them with Relocation so you can easily sort by that tag in your Contact Module.

To add tags automatically, type in your tag or tags (comma separate) and click +. You will need to click Save to apply your tags.

Email Marketing

If you are using email marketing, and have campaigns set up, you can add a user to one or more campaigns. Selecting a campaign or campaigns will add a disclaimer or checkbox to your form on the front end to disclose that you may contact them in the future in this manner. The exact functionality depends on your selection for Form Opt-In Type in the Settings for Email Marketing.

  • User Preference: this opt-in type displays a checkbox under the submit button. This checkbox is checked by default.  
  • Automatic: this opt-in type displays text that indicates that by providing their contact information they are giving you permission to contact them.

Upgrade Status

If a client has a status other than New and they fill out a new form, you can have the form automatically upgrade their status to a higher interest level. For example, if a client is set to Monitor and they fill out the Property Organizer, you can have the Property Organizer form upgrade them to Pursue.

Fields to Send to Users/Fields to Send to Admin/Staff

You can select what field(s) you would like to include in the email auto-response to users as well as the assignee or email(s) specified earlier. Fields noted with a * are hidden fields and are not visible when filling out the form. These fields are commonly used to pass information from one page to the form. Fields will appear stacked between the email top and bottom copy.

Email - WYSIWYG Editor Customization

There are three fields that you can use to customize your interaction with the contact immediately after filling out a form.

  • Email - Top Copy (introduction): Copy entered here will appear on the top of the auto-reply email, above the form field information (if applicable).
  • Email - Bottom Copy (thank you): Copy entered here will appear on the bottom of the auto-reply email, below the form field information (if applicable).
  • Copy on Thank You Page (confirmation): Copy entered here will appear on the thank you page that shows after a form has been filled out.

The copy in these fields can be further customized with personalization fields. You can see a list of all available personalization fields for a form by clicking the info button on the top right of the page. 


You'd like to start your email with a greeting, something like Dear FirstName of person that just filled out your form. You can do that with a personalization field.

By typing - Dear [first_name], in the Email - Top Copy field, it will automatically fill in the contact's first name, if the form supports it. Adding |proper - Dear [first_name|proper] - will proper case the personalization field.

Personalization fields may vary from form to form, so be sure to check what ones are available to you when you edit each form.

Special Forms

Sometimes there may be a form you don't use, but can't remove (special forms like IDX forms or Email to Lead). You can check the Hide this form in DaknoAdmin box on the bottom of this page so it's no longer present in your list. If someone fills this form out it will automatically become available in the list again.

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