Forms: View Form Submissions

There are two different ways to view form submissions, from the contact's page or via the Form Submissions Module

The form submission includes:

  • Date Created - this is the date the form was filled out.
  • Lead From - this is the form name the contact filled out.
  • Data entered in on the form.
  • Submission URL* - this shows you what page they were on (with any variables) when they filled out the form.
  • Referrer URL* - this shows you the page that sent them to the form, if applicable.

*Form submissions prior to April 8th, 2014 do not provide this information.

Form Submissions List

You can see all the form submissions on your website by navigating to Interaction > Contacts & Forms > Form Submissions.

This list will provide you with a quick summary (name and email, if available), the form filled out, and when it was filled out. You can sort this list based on name, email, or form filled out.

Clicking on a form submission row will take you to the form submission information page. In addition to the information described above this page also allows you to:

  • Quickly access the contact to see what other interaction they've had on your site or to add notes. You can access the contact via the top bar by clicking View Contact.
  • Export your lead. By default you can export it as a VCard. We also support other exports, see Export Contacts for more information.

Viewing a Form Submission on a Contact's Page

Within the Activity feed on a contact's page, you can view all the forms they've submitted. By clicking Show next to the form, it will show you all the form submission information. You can also access the form submission page directly for any form on the activity feed by clicking the form name.

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