Email Marketing: Adding and Editing Messages

All your email marketing messages can be found under Lead ManagerEmail MarketingMessages.

The email messages list will show, at a glance:

  • Subject
  • Campaign
  • Status
  • Scheduled Date
  • Modified Date

Adding an Email Message

To add an email message select Add from the Email Messages List page. You will need to have at least one email campaign setup.

  1. Select the campaign this message will be attached to.
  2. Add your Email Subject (required).
  3. Scheduling - We show you the current time, based on your currently selected timezone in your website's settings to help you select the appropriate time and date for scheduling.
    • Schedule Type: Days since Signup
      • This type allows you to create a drip campaign based on how many days since the contact signed up for the campaign. You can also set the time that the email is sent.
    • Schedule Type: On Specific Date
      • This type allows you to set a specific date and time to send out an email. This is useful for events.
  4. Email Body - You have two options: Text Only or HTML & Text
    • Selecting Text Only will send the message as it appears in the textarea. No styling.
    • Selecting HTML & Text will give you to boxes. The content should be the same in each. The HTML box allows you to add styling to your email (such as bold, italic, headers, and a custom email design), while the Text box is the same as the first option, and is used for recipients that opt for text-only email.

Personalizing Your Message

You may personalized your email message and subject text with their name:

  • First Name - [first_name] or [first_name|proper]
  • Last Name - [last_name] or [last_name|proper]
  • Sender Name (name of agent assigned to contact. If no display name is set then this uses the 'From Name' set in email marketing settings) - [sender_name] or [sender_name|proper]

Options for Email Messsages

Testing Your Email

Once you've set up your email, you can send a test email to yourself. The email that will receive the email will be the one you're logged into DaknoAdmin with. To send a test email, click Send Test Email on the DakBar. The icon is a letter if your browser is too skinny to show the text.

Queuing Your Message

When saving your message you have two options:

  • Save and Requeue Message - This saves and queues the message based on your scheduling options.
  • Save and Unqueue Message - This saves the message, but does not queue the message for sending.
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