Average Response Time

This metric measures the time between a lead’s initial interaction with the site, when that lead is assigned to an agent, and an agent’s public facing reply. Public replies can include an email added to the system via the BCC code, a call or text sent to the lead from the messenger app, or a note added directly to the contact page. Response time is recorded as both a Team Average and an Individual Average, each measured in a subtly different way to offer more relevant information.

Team Average Response Time Metric

The team's average response time reflects the time between the creation of a contact in the Dakno Admin and the first public facing response, regardless of assignment, for the past 28 days. This measurement is most useful for Team-Leads to better understand how long a client has to wait between filling out a form on your site and getting a response.

Individual Average Response Time Metric

An agent's individual response time is tracked from when they are assigned a lead to the first public facing response, for the past 28 days. This allows for a better understanding of a specific agent’s response time.

Notable Examples

  • Standard Lead Routing
    • Visitor fills form out at 8am
    • Contact is manually assigned to agent at 12pm
    • Agent reaches out to lead at 1pm
    • Team Response Time: 300 Min (5 hrs); Agent Response Time: 60 min (1 hr)
  • Lead Routed Through Multiple Agents
    • Visitor fills form out and is automatically assigned to Agent A at 8am; no public reply made
    • Visitor assigned to Agent B at 10am
    • Agent B reaches out at 11 am
    • Team Response Time: 180 Min (3 hrs); Agent B Response Time: 60 min (1 hr)
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