Connecting Areas with Neighborhoods & Condos

On each Neighborhood and Condo edit page there is an option to set the area. This area dropdown will have a list of all the available areas. 

Area Page

On the bottom of the area page, below the content, a special area will appear that will display all the neighborhoods and/or condos. The header will change based on what is assigned to the area.

  • Neighborhoods: Only neighborhoods are assigned to the area.
  • Condos Buildings: Only condos are assigned to the area.
  • Neighborhoods and Condo Buildings: Both neighborhoods and condos are assigned to the area.
If you choose a Canadian localization, neighborhoods will be spelled neighbourhoods.
Additionally, if at least one neighborhood or condo has been mapped, a map showing the location of the currently shown neighborhoods and/or condos will appear below the quick info boxes.
By default, 12 (or 10) neighborhood and/or condos will appear. If there are more, a pager will show. You can adjust how many items are shown by adjusting the Per Page - Front End number in the Settings Module.

Neighborhood or Condo Page

On the neighborhood and condo pages, the selected area will appear above the photos, or above the neighborhood or condo address if no photos have been added. The area name will be displayed as well as a link back to the area page.

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