Connecting Neighborhoods & Condos With Properties

On each Property Edit page there is the option to set either the Neighborhood or Condo, depending on the Property Type that is set.

Property Page

When a property is attached to a neighborhood or condo, a link will appear in the overview lower on the property page. The label will display "Neighborhood" or "Condo" and will have the name to the right. Additionally, if the neighborhood or condo is linked to an area, a link to the area will also show.

Neighborhood or Condo Page

On a neighborhood or condo page that has attached properties, a link will automatically show linking visitors to listings they can find in the current neighborhood or condo. This link can be overwritten by setting a External Listings URL on the neighborhood or condo edit page.

If no link is present in the External Listings URL field, and there are no properties attached to the neighborhood or condo the "View Listings in X" will not show. 

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