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Source tracking is a useful tool to help determine how people are coming to your website. Since it can be a little difficult to determine among many different types of campaigns exactly which one is working best and which ones need tweaking, the Source Tracking feature can help you track where people are coming from, be it from an email, ad campaign, or even a paper mailer.

Get a Source Tracking URL

To generate a source tracking URL, go to the bottom of a page in one of the following menus:

  • Content
  • Property
  • Area
  • Neighborhood
  • Condo

Once there:

  1. Click on "Generate Tracking URL"
  2. Enter in a name. You can put something like:
    • seller campaign
    • Buyers_campaign
    • open house for 123 Main
  3. Click "Next"
  4. Copy the URL in the input box on the next screen. You can click and press CTRL+C (or CMD+C) to copy the URL.
  5. Paste the URL where you'd like to use it in your campaign.

Using the Source Tracking URL

When someone clicks the source tracking URL:

  1. The site will set a cookie noting the source, page URL the source tracking URL was originally generated on, time visited, as well as any other information that may be passed.
  2. It will redirect to the page you generated the URL on.

Once the cookie is in place, when the end user fills out a form, DaknoAdmin will grab the information from the placed cookie and pass it along with the form submission information. 

Online Ad Campaigns

Google: Update your ad to include the generated URL as the new Final URL.

Email Campaigns

If you're using an email marketing campaign (be it in DaknoAdmin or another email marketing provider), you can use the Source Tracking URL as a regular link that will redirect users to the link you want them to land on.

Print Campaigns

We understand that the URL that is generated is not very human or print friendly. Feel free to contact us and request a redirect. For example, if your source URL is something like:

We can create a redirect from, or similar to the generated URL. This way you can display a more human-friendly URL and still get all the benefits of tracking.

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