Customize Saved Search Pages

To add content to a site search, you can create a special page within the content manager in DaknoAdmin.

All site searches follow the same link structure, for example -

Quick-Add Content

  1. Visit the results page for your saved search.
  2. Click "Edit" on the DakBar.
  3. Add content as desired, change the status to "Published" and save.


Set up this page like you would any other content page, adding the Page Name, Title Tags, Meta Description, etc. 

-> More information about managing Content Pages

Adding a Saved Search to a Submenu

You can add any mlst page to a submenu following the same process for any other content page.

  1. On the Content Edit Page, scroll to the bottom to the section titled Submenu Configuration.
  2. Next to Place Under, select the main menu item you'd like the page to appear under.
  3. Next to Submenu Name, provide what the link should appear as under the menu.
  4. Click Add To Submenu. This will automatically save the page.

Repeat if you'd like the link to appear in multiple submenus.

You can optionally force this page to always open into a new window by checking the box next to Open in a new window. The link will automatically point to your saved search.

-> More information about managing submenus

Default Saved Search Page

You can also create a page that will show up on all your saved search pages by default. Just create a new content page with the Page URL of mlst-search-results

This is a great tool to use if you would like to add additional information to all your search results pages. 

Additionally you can add the shortcode: [MLS_BODY]

This shortcode tells your DaknoIDX search solution where to place the IDX results in relation to the content. This way you can add content above and/or below it, if desired. Otherwise content will automatically be added above the search results.


Content on this page will show for all saved searches that do not have a special content page already created for them.

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