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Note: This article refers to users that have a menu item called Blog(s) on their menu. This allows a user to quickly log into their blog using their DaknoAdmin password. If Blog(s) is not present, and you have a blog, you may have a separate login. Please contact us to determine if you are eligible to have your blog connected (most of the time the answer is 'yes'). The benefit of this linkage is that the username (email) and password are the same across both your website and blog. The blog syncs your login information whenever it's changed on your website.

Logging into Your Blog

To log into your blog via the connection in DaknoAdmin, click Blog(s) under Manage Content.

You will be able to select any blog that your current user and domain combination has access to. If there is only one blog allowed, that will be the default blog, otherwise select the blog you'd like to edit from the list.

Next, retype your DaknoAdmin password, the same one you used to log into your site.

Your blog admin will open in a new window.

Adding Additional Users to Your Blog

Users set as admin on the blog can add users to their blog. If you'd like the additional users to be connected through DaknoAdmin you will need to contact us to make the connection for you at this time.

There are 5 levels you can add a user at on your blog: Admin, Editor, Author, Contributor, or Subscriber. You can find more information about these levels and what permissions they provide at the wordpress codex. Items labeled (single site) are permissions that are disabled.

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