Condo, Neighborhood, & Property Image Upload Tips


The condo, neighborhood, and property menus allow you to upload images to a special photo viewer that appears at the top of the content area for individual condos, neighborhoods, and properties. 

The maximum size that an image will be displayed at is 650x433. We recommend that the images you upload are at least that size and are at a 3:2 ratio. Images uploaded at any other ratio (4:3, 2:1, etc.) will display centered with space on the sides or top and bottom, or both (if the image is smaller than 650x433). Point and shoot cameras are typically 4:3, while DSLRs are commonly 3:2.


Each uploaded photo allows you to provide a quick description. To add a description, hover over the image and click the bubble. This text will appear on a semi-transparent black background at the bottom of your image.


Uploaded images can be reordered. Just drag and drop the image where you'd like it to appear in the filmstrip. The default image that shows first, as well as on other special pages (neighborhood-results.php, property-list.php, area, etc.) will be outlined in a green border.


To delete an image, hover over the image you'd like to remove and click the trash can. The image will be immediately removed.

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