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The video embed allows you to insert videos from nearly every video host and have your video be automatically responsive, showing at an appropriate size for mobile and desktop visitors. Videos that can use this shortcode include youtube, vimeo, and matterport.

The Video Embed shortcode has 1 option:

  • Video embed or link - you can use either a video link or the iframe embed code here.

Once added, the shortcode will display similar to (youtube video used as an example):
[video link="" width="640" height="360"]



Above is an example of a pasted youtube video link. You can additionally paste the youtube share link, or the embed URL the video shortcode will accept them all and build the appropriate URL. This works for youtube, vimeo, matterport, and any other video host that uses iframes to share videos.


Above is an example of youtube embed code. 


This shortcode replaces the previous youtube and vimeo specific shortcodes.

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