DaknoIDX Grid

The DaknoIDX Grid option can show up to 60 listings from a saved search on your DaknoAdmin website. You can display listinngs in one of three ways:

  • Table - a tabular display of listings and data
  • Property grid - similar to the IDX results
  • Carousel (NEW!) - this is a single row of listings that is similar to the property grid, but will allow the user to use arrows to scroll through the listings

Using the Shortcode

To integrate this shortcode, go to any content page and click "Insert", then select "DaknoIDX Grid" from the dropdown.

Shortcode dialogue box

The DaknoIDX Grid shortcode has 5 options:

  • Saved Site URL: Enter the full saved search URL you'd like to feature listings from
  • Style: Table, Grid, Carousel
  • Count: You can display 1-60 properties in either style. The default number of properties if you leave this option blank is 24.
  • Loading Options: This will allow you to either load the properties immediately (this may slow down the page) or wait until after the page has loaded (async, will allow the page to load faster) - use the second option if you have a lot of grids on a single page.
  • If no results returned - selecting "Show Text" will show a short message indicating no results were found.

Style: Table (default)

The table style will show an unstyled table. This table can be styled with CSS in the design module.

Unstyled Table

Style: Grid

The property grid style shows 1-4 properties in each row depending on the container width. It is fully responsive.

Example Property Grid showing 6 properties in 2 rows of 3

The property grid style shows 1-4 properties at a time depending on the container width and shows arrows to browse through the properties. It is fully responsive.

Example Carousel showing 3 properties at a time.

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