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In addition to the RSS Feed field on some pages, you can insert an RSS Feed shortcode that allows you to control where the feed appears in your content as well as how many feed items you want to show. You have 2 options for this shortcode:

  • Feed URL: This is the feed location. For blogs, you can usually add /feed/ to the end of a URL to reach the feed. For saved searches, there's a special URL that your provider will display.
  • Number of articles to show: 1-? The maximum number of articles depends on the feed. Blog feeds are typically 10 max, DaknoIDX is 20. The default number is 5.

The feed will look similar to [rss src="" cnt="2"].



You can now modify your existing RSS feed to show sold data! You can just add p_status_code=6 to the end of your URL

For example:

[rss src="" cnt="30"]


There are three different property statuses you can filter by. Just update the number at the end of p_status_code= to reflect the type of property you'd like to show. 

Available property types and corresponding codes

Active = 0
Pending = 3
Sold = 6

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