Site Search (Saved Search) Features

Once you've created a saved site search, you can use it in a few different ways. On the links page for the site search, we provide links for editing the search, viewing results, saving the search, the RSS feed, as well as the script for the featured property viewer. All of these items can be used in unique ways to provide information to visitors. 

Example of a saved search link info page

Email Alerts

The Save link, when clicked will ask a user to log into their property organizer account if they are not already. Once logged in, the search will be saved into their account. The checkbox "Automatically email me when new properties match this search" will be checked by default.

Save links can be used to create features like a "Daily Email Alerts" call-to-action button.

RSS Feeds

RSS feeds can be used to display the most recently updated properties in a saved search directly on your website. Common uses of RSS feeds are including them on neighborhood or condo pages to show the most recent updated properties in the neighborhood or condo, and specialized pages like homes with pools or golf community homes. Our RSS feeds show up to 20 of the most recently modified properties in your search. They are in order of when they were modified.

Within DaknoAdmin, we offer two options to integrate RSS feeds into your site.

The RSS Feed Option

For content, neighborhood, condo, and people pages, we offer an option called RSS Feed. To use this, simply paste the whole RSS feed URL in the box and save the page. This will show the RSS feed at the bottom of the page with the 5 most recent entries.

The RSS Shortcode Option

In all WYSIWYG (content) editors* you can also use a shortcode to display your RSS feed. To insert an RSS feed:

  1. Select Insert on the top bar of the WYSIWYG editor.
  2. Select RSS Feed.
  3. In the first box "RSS Feed URL" paste your whole RSS feed URL
  4. In the second box, type how many articles you want to show. For these feeds it should be a number between 1-20.
  5. Save your changes

The shortcode will look something like:

[rss src="" cnt="10"]

*WYSIWYG editors in the design module do not allow shortcodes.


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