Analytics & Webmaster Tools

Within the Settings Menu you can directly add your corresponding ID for:

  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • Google Conversion Tracking
  • Google Conversion Label
  • Google Webmaster Code
  • Bing Webmaster Code

The above fields only accept your unique ID that is provided, they do not support the full script.

If the particular option you're looking for is not included above you can add the full script as a plugin.

-> How to add Plugins

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics Tracking ID starts with UA, and the format is similar to UA-00000-00. You can either:

  • Locate the string within the script and copy it out, look for UA-
  • Go to Admin > Property Settings in your Google Analytics admin. Under Property Settings, find Tracking ID and copy that into the box.

Google Analytics Tracking may already be set up for your domain. If it is and you need access, please let us know and we'll add you as a user. 

Google Conversion Tracking

By using the Google Conversion Tracking and Label fields in the settings, the conversion tracking happens on relevant pages, such as the Thank You page, once a contact has filled out a form. The below instructions assume you have a conversion action set up.

To set conversion tracking up:

  1. Log into your adwords account
  2. Click Tools on the top menu
  3. Select Conversions from the dropdown menu
  4. Select a Conversion Action from the list
  5. Within the code found under Install Your Tag find:
    • google_conversion_id - paste this into the Google Conversion Tracking box.
    • google_conversion_label - paste this into the Google Conversion Label box.

Based on the information you've pasted above, we'll automatically build the script for you and place it on the relevant pages.

Google Webmaster Code

If the login you use for both Google Webmaster tools and Google Analytics are the same, you can verify via Google Analytics. Select the Google Analytics option to verify.

To verify your domain if the above is not true you will need to add a meta tag. These steps assume you have already added your domain in Google Webmaster:

  1. Select the corresponding domain
  2. Click on the Gear in the upper right
  3. Select Verification Details
  4. If you are provided with an option to verify, select HTML Tag.
  5. Copy the string between content=" and " - it will look similar to:
  6. Paste this string into the Google Webmaster Code field.

We will automatically build the meta tag for you based on the code you copy into the Google Webmaster Code field.

Bing Webmaster Code

We support the <meta> tag option of verification for Big Webmaster Tools.

To verify your domain:

  1. After adding your domain, you will be brought to a page with three options, go to option 2 (<meta>)
  2. Copy the string between content=" and " - it will look similar to:
  3. Paste this string into the Bing Webmaster Code field

We will automatically build the meta tag for you based on the code you copy into theBing Webmaster Code field.

-> How to add other scripts and meta tags to your site


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