3rd-Party Leads: Third Party Lead Aggregation

DaknoAdmin allows you to set up unique email addresses to use on websites like Zillow or Trulia to aggregate your leads. Using these addresses will allow DaknoAdmin to extract contact information out of your lead emails and insert it, as a contact, inside DaknoAdmin.

Generating an Unique Email

To start aggregating leads into DaknoAdmin, you will need to set up a unique email address for each service you'd like to aggregate.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Settings and scroll down to 3rd-party Leads Setup.
  2. Click Generate Lead Email
  3. Enter a label - this should include the name of the service so you can reference it later.
  4. Add a redirect email (optional). This will forward the email along after it's been aggregated in the system. 
  5. Select a redirect option
    • Redirect All Emails - this will forward all emails to the provided email.
    • Redirect Non-Lead Emails - We don't parse emails that do not contain lead information, so you can have just these emails forwarded on. This is the default option.
  6. Repeat 2-5 to create additional email addresses (one per service).
  7. Save

Once saved, your unique email(s) will be created. It will look similar to

Basic Setup

Using the email address generated above, you'll want to log into the 3rd party lead source you'd like to aggregate into DaknoAdmin. Depending on the service, you may need to change your login or change the preferred email notification address to the email you generated above.

Notification, Tagging, Assignment Setup

You are able to automatically add tags, notifications, access, and assignments for each service. Navigate to Interaction > Contacts & Forms > Incoming Lead Settings > 3rd-Party Leads

Viewing Leads

Each lead that is pulled in will show where they're from on the contact's page. Under their activity feed you will see the parsed information as a form submission from [Service]

Currently Supported Services

Will you support [My favorite lead service] not included above?

We plan to continually add more support for additional lead sources over time. Any lead source that sends you your leads via email is potentially eligible. You can treat these services just like the ones that are currently supported. Setting it up counts as a vote for us to support the service. Contact us if you have any questions.

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