Contacts: Email to Notes

Our Email to Notes feature allows you and your agents to easily keep track of correspondence you send to a contact. By BCCing a unique email address, any emails that are sent will also be archived on a contact's page.

Find Your Unique Email to Notes Email Address

You and each of your agents that have an account on your website have their own unique email address. You can find this email address within Settings > People List > Specific Person. On each person's info edit page, their unique email to notes address is located on the top of the page.

We also provide the email address as a vCard. You can download this and quickly add it to your contacts if you use an email client that supports vCards.

Using Email to Notes

The email to notes feature allows you to insert notes directly into an existing contact.

  • You can respond to a contact in your email client. BCCing your email to notes address, will put the entire message onto the contact's page. 
    • We recommend creating a contact for your unique email address so you can easily access it to BCC.
  • You can forward emails a contact sent to you directly to the email to notes email address. You'll need to do a little extra prep work for this use. To make sure we can match the email that you're forwarding us to the right contact, be sure their email is:
    • Present in the subject, either by itself or surrounded by a space on either side:
      • TO:
      • TO:
        SUBJECT: relocation
      • TO:
        SUBJECT: seller
    • OR
    • Inserted as the first line of the email - nothing else should appear on this line.
      • TO:
        Information you are sending as a note

Additional Notes

  • Don't give out your unique email address to anyone, even your other agents. The email address is unique to your user and domain, so any emails sent to that address will be inserted with your name on the associated domain. If an agent needs their own, just add them as a user on your site and a unique address will be generated for them.
  • If you have multiple domains with us, you'll have a unique email address for each domain. Be sure to note that if you add the address as a contact in your email client.
  • Avoid placing the unique email address anywhere other than a BCC field. If others can see the email address it opens the address up to spam or notes you may not want in a contact's activity field.
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