3rd-Party Leads: Zillow

Once you've generated an unique email for Zillow in your Lead Email Setup, please navigate to to complete the setup process.

Setting up Zillow

  1. Login to Zillow and select Account under Agent Hub
  2. Under My Account Settings page, click Edit E-mail

  3. Enter the lead capture email you generated earlier and click Submit

    • Please note this changes the login email address that you will use for We understand that this email address is not very easy to remember and we recommend you save the new login information in a password manager like LastPass, it's free.
  4. If you have listings on Zillow, add the email address you originally used to log in under the Additional Email Addresses section. Click Manage Email Addresses.
  5. Enter your original email address under Email address to add, confirm it, and click Submit.

Remember following these steps will change your login email address! You may also link your Facebook account to Zillow and use that option to login. 


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